Apr 08, 2024
Want to escape the daily grind and discover a new kind of freedom? Yacht chartering in the Seto Inland Sea might just be the answer you're looking for.
Jan 01, 2022
” When I visited my family who had moved to Kamijima Town on the beautiful Seto Inland Sea, I was immediately touched by the warmth of the islanders, and was further inspired by the calm sea and scenery perfect for sailing, so I decided to go to Yuge Island as well. I immediately started thinking about moving here. I felt like I could make my humble dream of sailing on a handmade boat come true here.”
Feb 15, 2021
``Yacht designer James Wallum drew inspiration from traditional Polynesian fishing boats to design this vessel, which is characterized by stability, openness, and a flat-bottomed structure that allows her to ride directly onto the sand.''
Feb 14, 2021
``We asked a friend in America to create the logo and the ship's insignia together.''
Jan 15, 2021
The bicycles charged by solar panels are all made by Panasonic in Japan and are electric-assist, 7-speed exterior mini-velo type vehicles (18 front and 20 rear) that are neither too big nor too small. You can enjoy running on the slopes of the island in casual clothes and looking stylish and effortless.