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Set sail for the Seto Inland Sea, a treasure trove of over 700 unique islands. Discover the newly unveiled Yumeshima Cycle Route, or venture to uninhabited islands and unspoiled beaches that are waiting to be discovered.


Our Panasonic electric bikes, powered by sunlight and rocking a 12Ah battery, are perfect for freely exploring Kamijima town. Planning to stay for a few days? We'll provide a charger so you can top up the battery overnight. We'll even deliver the bike to your accommodation or arriving port (within Kamijima). Each bike is ¥2,500 per day (24hrs)

E-Bike Rentals

Taste the local catch with our special bento boxes, crafted by local sushi chefs using fresh, local ingredients. All packed in an earth-friendly, plastic-free box, safe to take to the sea. We've got vegetarians covered too (but remember to book in advance).
¥2,500 (per bento)

"Umi-no-eki" Bento

Seasonal Recommendations

1 Day Guided Tour
Onomichi to Kamijima

1 Day Guided Tour

We provide the bikes, the guide and the boat. A full day of exploring the region in the best way possible.
Sunset Cruise
With local refreshments

Sunset Cruise

See why the Seto Inland Sea is famous for its sunset aboard the yacht.
Captain's cruise
Fully custom

Captain's cruise


Ready to set sail?

No cancellation fees, no deposit required. See the booking page for details.


Inspired by the Seto Inland Sea

A sustainable selection, much more coming soon.


Mizzen SAIL+ #61K

Perfect for the outdoors! A stylish, eco-friendly, and highly durable tote bag.

This product is handmade with love on the island by Shimatabi Yacht staff, upcycling used sailcloth destined for landfill. It's a spacious tote bag that can hold anything. It has two large inner pockets. The handles are made from long-lasting rope used onboard yachts. Despite being made from breathable sail fabric, the outside is treated with water-repellent coating.

Heavy Duty Dacron©撥水加工 PTFE 不使用全て手作り

Made in Kamijima

Handmade with love