Cruise with your captain


A custom route created by the captain based on the tide and wind that day. With this plan, you can visit distant islands, find beaches that can only be reached by yacht, and leisurely cruise the coastline. Create new travel memories with the route chosen based on the captain's unique insight and rich experience!

🕒 Duration: Approximately 3 hours
Relaxation level: ★★★★
🚀Adventure level: ★★★☆
📌Highlights: Captain's custom route, relaxing time on unexplored beaches, hard-to-reach coastline

Yacht reservations are ¥22,000 per boat regardless of the number of people .
If you make a reservation for 6 people,
it will cost ¥3,700 per person .

Ready to sail?

Free cancellation, no upfront payment required. Please see the booking page for details.