beach clean cruise


Participate in an important mission to protect the beach in beautiful Kamijima Town! Our homemade eco-boats take us to hard-to-reach beaches for clean-up efforts. It's a great experience to enjoy a new adventure while being environmentally friendly and contributing to the community.

🕒 Duration: Approximately 2 hours Relaxation level: ★☆☆
🚀Adventure level: ★★★
📌Highlight: Become an eco hero to save beautiful beaches!

The fee is 22,000 yen per boat. (Capacity 6 people)

If you make a reservation for 6 people, it will cost approximately 3,700 yen per person.

Number of people boat fee Price per person
1 22,000 yen 22,000 yen
2 22,000 yen 11,000 yen
3 22,000 yen 7,333 yen
Four 22,000 yen 5,500 yen
Five 22,000 yen 4,400 yen
6 22,000 yen 3,667 yen

Ready to sail?

Free cancellation, no upfront payment required. Please see the booking page for details.